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Hummingbird on the Wing

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"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about."
-Charles Kingsley

In March 2010 I quit my job in the DC suburbs and moved to San Francisco. When I am not job hunting I enjoy discovering good biology, reading trashy genre fiction, and feeding cookies to my long-suffering roommates.
acapella, alanis morissette, alice sheldon, alpha chi sigma, arabidopsis thaliana, astronomy, audre lorde, australian indoor rules quidditch, babylon 5, baseball, beef stew, bicycles, bioinformatics, biology, broomball, buffy the vampire slayer, c. j. cherryh, c. l. moore, c.j. cherryh, canon slash, cell cultures, cell cycle, charles vess, chemistry, choral music, classical music, computers, cooking, crossovers, cry cry cry, cul de sac, dar williams, dave matthews band, diane duane, digital cameras, don maitz, doris egan, drawing, dvorak, education, enzymes, fandom, farscape, firefly, fonts, fruit, garth nix, genetics, georges bizet, georgia o'keefe, gershwin, harry potter, haydn, hidden markov models, icons, j. michael straczynski, janet kagan, jason mraz, jasper fforde, jelly beans, jms, john butler trio, kage baker, kahlua, kanye west, kim stanley robinson, kristine smith, laptops, laurie r. king, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, marion zimmer bradley, mars, meterology, michael swanwick, miles vorkosigan, muse, music, mussorgsky, mythology, neil gaiman, octavia butler, october project, p!nk, patrick o'brian, pcr, peach schnapps, peaches, peg kerr, perl, photoblogging, photograph composition, photography, photojournals, photoshop, python, rachmaninoff, rachmaninov, rent the musical, research, retroviruses, richard dawkins, richard shindell, rimsky-korsakov, rosalind franklin, rosemary kirstein, russian composers, rusted root, sandman, schnapps, science fiction, set to 11, seven nations, singing, sith academy, sketching, sluggy freelance, smetana, soccer, star wars, stargazing, steven brust, tam lin, tchaikovsky, tea, the baby laptop, the dandy warhols, the generics, the whitlams, tori amos, vegetables, vorkosigan, washington dc, wolfgang pauli, wsfa